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Teenage graffiti [entries|friends|calendar]

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[26 Aug 2006|02:27am]
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OMFG ITS ALMOST 5 AM! [19 Mar 2006|04:47am]
[ mood | coffieee ]

go coffieeeeeeee


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[20 Aug 2005|04:33am]
"well if u didnt leave them out at night" lmao.. sorry.. that just popped in my head.. adn no one but steph knows what im talking about! so this entry made no sence!!
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[30 Jul 2005|09:37pm]
BACK FROM CHURCH CAMP!!! call me u guys really.. well.. yea.. even though i lost my voice while there and it just started to come back.. i can still tlak it just soiunds funny.. so CALL MEEEEE PWEEZE@!
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! [06 Jul 2005|02:48am]
have you ever lost control of you bladder? not that i remember
what is your favorite movie? Phantom of the opera
are you bored with this quiz already? nah
do you mind me asking these questions? not really
do you ever slash yourself up? now that one i DO mind
do you like bingo? nope
what kind of phone do you have? black cordless that i have attacked with stickers
what is your favorite cartoon? invader zim
tv show? degrassi the next generatiom
do you drink alcohol? i have but i dont
do you smoke? have, but dont
pot? once again.. HAVE but DONT
do you take drugs? no..
were you picked on in school? nopppers
do you listen to people? yess
do people laugh at you? nah
do you value your life? a little
do you have friends that you don't see anymore? oreo..
if so, do you miss them terribly? oh yes
do you spend your days sitting in front of a computer? no.. i spend my NIGHT on the computer
do you drink coke? yuck.. pepsi is soo much better
red bull? never tried it
what's your FAVORITE drink? LEMONAIDE
do you paint your toenails? not normally
where do you live? milton
how's the crime rate where you live? i dunno
Big W, Kmart, or Target? target
McDonald's, Hungry Jacks, or KFC? KFC!
do you partake in sexual acts with the opposite sex? not really
the same sex? NO
both? NO
speed, heroin, coke, ecstacy, or prescription pils? no
snort, eat, inject, shelve, or drink? NONONO
do you like office supllies? WHITEOUT!
do you have post its, paperclips, thumbtacks handy? thumb tacks in my bulliton bored and poste it notes in my desk drwars..
permanent markers? OH I LOVE THEM!
coffee or tea? coffie!
do you use paper towels? napkins!

50 or 100? dollars? 100~
bait or tackle? BAIT.. u get to use worms! yayness
sedan, station wagon, van, 4WD or coupe? van, cause thats what i grew up with.. but i want a HUMMER! gah
MSI, COF, of SOAD? and that would be??
do you like acronyms? SURE!
how good is your spelling? mas eh menos!
how many questions are in this survey? alot
do you think there are too many? no
do you believe in ghosts? yes
do you believe in god? yes
who is your mobile phone provider? mototola

what's your grandmother's name? gladyace, ireane
do you collect anything? if so, what? i USED to collect poriclan dolls.. i have more then a hundred in the attic..
do you wear your pajamas all day? during the summer yes
when was the last time you had a shower? few hours ago
brushed your hair? after i took a shower
have you ever woken up and not known where you were? once.. when i fell asleep in church and woke up in the car
do you have any pets? 2
when is this survey going to end? NEVER
if you could change the color of the sky, would you? noppers
what scares you? ants
ever been in a hospital? what for? nope
do you have any sort of eating disorder? no
why don't you just have a big mac? there YUCKIE.. well. i actully never tasted one.. but they are loaded with so much stuf.. that.. EW!
does the truth hurt? only when its the HURTFULL truth
ever done anything stupid? oh yes
ever loved someone who doesn't love you? um.. maybe
vice versa? i dunno
do you know renee? THATS MY STEPSISTERS NAME!
ben? which one?
anyone by those names? YES!
briefly tell me about them: ben coleman.. hehe.. funnah hair.. ben tappan.. so sweet, renee, thats my 20 year old step sister!
tomato, barbecue, chili, or sweet chili? EW EW EW EW EW.. NONE!
is your house tidy? mom just went on a cleaning spree
are you a moron? oh yes!
are you super intelligent? thats laughable
what do you see when you turn to the left? my closnet with a LOTR poster naming all the main characters
the right? my parasol, flip chair, tv, and johnny depp
i beg your pardon? no u didnt!
do you like candles? HEHE o yea
if so, what type? the ones//wit wax
whats your emotion right now? BORED
what era do you like? i dunno.. definatly not disco
what's the time? 3 0h 9 am
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hehe! [06 Jul 2005|02:38am]
Xx The Basics xX
Full Name: Kayla Renee Roberts
DOB: march-24-92
Age: 13
Age you act: ask muh friends, not me
Age you wish you were: 16
Siblings names: jaymi, beth, katie, rebekah, renae
Pets: Sisco, moosie, mah doggies <3
Hair color: blonde!
Eye color: blue
Height: kinda shortish
Any tattoos: nope
How many: none
Any piercings: ears
How many: one on each

Xx Family Stuff xX
Are your parents divorced? yessum
Number of Siblings: gah.. umm.. 5
Are you an only child? nonono
Do you ever wish you weren't? i wish i WAS
If you're not an only child, do you ever wish you could be? uh huh
Are you rich? noppers, but were not poor eather
Are you poor? noppers. but were not rich eather
Where do you live? milton!
Who's your favorite relative? mommmmmmmmmyyyy
Why? she my MOM!

Xx Friends xX
Nicest? tabatha
Funniest? steph
Friendliest? tabatha/steph
Best shoulder to cry on? alex/steph
Cutest? Oreo
Sexiest? JAMES
Best? alex/tab/steph
Most likely to go to jail? james/josh
Most likely to bail you out of jail? steph!
Tallest? tabatha!
Shortest? poor poor steph
Blondest (hair color)? um.. steph
Blondest (personality)? tabatha
Smartest? steph
Dumbest? hope
Creepiest? steph
Ugliest? DONT U BE CALLING MY FRIENDS UGLY.. ok.. i give in. robert
Most Hyper? STEPH!
Who you swear was your brother/sister separated at birth? tabatha but were actully 5th cousins!
Stalker? drew!

Xx Love Life xX
Are you single? i agree... i mean.. yea
Are you taken? nopppers
Do you want a bf/gf? hehe
Have you ever been dumped? umm. i think.. oh.. ya.. ben coleman.. 6th grade
Have you ever dumped someone? oh garsh.. would i do such a thing?
Have you ever cheated on someone? noppers
Have you ever been cheated on? not that i.. Oh wait.. there was that time with timmy.. yes..
Who was your first kiss? *hides* ::mumble:: josh..
How many bfs/gfs have you had? alot..

Xx Who Comes to Mind When You Hear ... xX
Moo: OINK!
Quack: CLUCK!
Banana: getting horney are we?
Peanut Butter: that chick dosnt like me.. the other dosnt know mw...
Apple: banana?
Ding-Dong: whos there?
P.I.M.P: no ur not.. (robert)
Babe: hottie? where
Freak: ME?
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WOOAH! that was like.. AWESOME.. then. it wasnt cause like.. it died [06 Jul 2005|02:26am]
1. The age you will be on your next birthday. 14

2. The place you live. milton, with my mom and step dad

3. Your favorite color. red

4. The place you want to get married. i dont care

5. Your first love. oreo

6. Your favorite fruit or vegetable. PINEAPPLES

7. Your favorite animal. doggie

8. The last name of your favorite actor or actress. depp

9. The name of a pet. MOOSIE

10. Your favorite song. every time, brittney spears

11. A bad habit of yours. biting my nails, saying "dude" before almost ever sentence

12. Your middle name. Renee
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there was a bunny.. [06 Jul 2005|01:54am]
**~LeT'S StArT wItH tHe BaSiCs~**
1. What's your FULL Name? Kayla Renee Roberts
2. Where do you live? Milton
3. How many candles were on your last cake? 13
4. What day do you blow out the candles? march 14
5. What's your Parental Guidence names? ..? u mean my moms name? its Sherri
6. Have any siblings? oh yes
7. How old are they? 15, 14,13,12,10
8. Do you get along with your parents? most of the time!
9. Do you get along with your siblings? my step ones yes..
10. Do you have any pets? DOGGIES.. mooise and sisco
11. What grade are you in? going into 8th
12. What school do you attend? Milton Middle
13. What are the colors and mascot? blue blue and white i think.. Panther
14. Do you own a car? no
15. If, yes what kind? i siad No.. lol
16. Do you have a "group" you hang with? pretty much
17. If yes, what group are you in? the group that includes my friends group.. OH hows THAT!
18. What's your shoe size? 8 or 8 in a half
19. Do you have a job? noppers
20. If yes, Where do you work? nooooo where

**~ScHoOl ReLaTeD tHiNgS~**
21. Do you attend school dances? we hardly have any.. but yea. if my FRIENDS are going. if not.. then no
22. Are you into sports? noooo way
23. Are you in the school band? noppers
24. Do you like pep rallys? sure.. i get to scream really loud
25. Are you in any clubs or groups? ensemble
26. What's your favorite class? reading
27. Who is your favorite teacher? i dunnooo.. schools out
28. Do you attend football games? noppers
29. Do you have a dance team? i dont think so
30. Are the members considered sluts? i dont think we have one therefore.. no

**~ClOtHiNg QuEsTiOnS~**

31. Favorite Brand of clothing? i dont care..
32. Is there a mall near you? OH YES!
33. If yes, Name of the mall? the HUNGITON mall.. even though its in barboursville..
34. Ever been to Mall of America? noppers, cant say i have
35. Are you a shoe freak? OHYES..
36. Do you buy clothes to fit in with the crowd? noppers
37. If you could, what store would you max your credit card out in? RUE 21~
38. Do you perfer pants, shorts, long skirts or mini skirts? Pants
39. What color do you wear most often? whatevers clean
40. Do you always match? i dont think so

**~FrIeNd QuEsTiOnS~**

41. Who is your best friend? alex..steph..tabatha
42. How long have you known them? alex, middle of last year, steph, begining of last year, tabatha, since i was 5
43. Name one reason you like them as a friend? there all awesome and crazy!
44. Where did you meet your best friend? WHICH ONE>. alex and steph at school.. tabatha at cheerleading practice
45. Do you have a boyfriend or Girlfriend? noppe
46. If yes, what is their name? noppe
47. If no, who is your crush? Not saying!
48. What do you love about your b/f, g.f or crush? none of Ya bussiness
49. How long have you been with your b/f or g/f? NEVER!
50. Where did you meet? i dont Have one

51. Color? red
52. TV Show? degrassi
53. Movie? phanton of the opera
54. Actress? drew barrymore
55. Actor? johnny depp
56. Song? everytime, brittney spears
57. Type of music? rock, pop, rap..
58. Artist? long list
60. Web site? livejournal.com, fanfiction.com, iconator.com
61. Store? hottopic or rue 21
62. Number? 87!
63. Day of the week? friday
64. Holiday? christmas
65. Season? winter
66. Animal? doggie
67. Girl Name? Jewel
68. Boy Name? Luke
69. Pen color? dark purple
70. Cartoon character? gir
71. Cartoon? invader zim
72. TV Station? the-n
73. Radio Station? 100.5
75. Flower? WAVE PATUNIA!
76. Brand Name? i dunno
77. Fruit? PINEAPPLE
78. Veggie? cuecumber
79. Fast food place? arbys
80. Resturant? o charlies

**~WhIcH dO U pErFeR???~**
81. AOL/MSN: aol
82. Eminem/Dr.dre: Eminem
83. Tommy Hilfiger/Abercrombie and Fitch: abercrombie and fitch
84. Boxers/Briefs: on guys? boxers major! oh so sexii!
85. Heaven/Hell: heaven
86. Cell Phone/Pager: cell phone
87. Email/Mail: email
88. Shoes/Sandels: shoes
89. Hugs/Kisses: eather
90. Cd/MP3: mp3

**~WhIcH sPeLlInG do U LiKe?~**
91. Ryan or Rian? Ryan
92. Nicole or Nikole? Nicole
93. Megan or Meghan or Meaghan? Meghan
94. Kymberly or Kimberly? kimberly
95. Drey or Dray? Dre
96. Cameron or Camerion? cameron
97. Skiler or Skyler? Skyler
98. Rebecca or Rebekah? Rebekah
99. Kiley or Kylie? Kylie
100. Emilee or Emily? Emily
101. Kory or Cory? Kory
102. Cole or Kole? cole
103. April or Apryl? April
104. Krystal or Crystal? Crystal
105. Bianca or Bianka? Bianka
106. Tricia or Trisha? trisha
107. Jeffery or Geoffery? Jeffery

**~WhICh CoLoR Do yOu lIkE?~**
108. Black or blue? black
109. Pink or Red? red
110. Yellow or Orange? orange
111. Dark Green or Light Green? LIME green
112. Purple or Lavander? lavander
113. Blue or Baby Blue? cerulan
114. Black or White? black
115. Silver or Gold? silver
116. Red or White? red
117. Grey or Black? black

118. What time are you usually online? 1:30 am to 6 am
119. What messanger are you always signed onto? Aim.. totaldramaqueeen
120. Do you have AOL? Yessum
121. If yes, what's your sn? lilmissbusybody
122. How many email address do you have? 2
123. How many do you use? 1
124. How many buddies do you have on your friends list? 87
125. How many do you actually talk to? 15
126. How many hours do you spend online? at a time? as long as i can without getting introuble
127. Who is the one person you talk to more than anyone online? alex

**~WhAt cOmEs tO mInD WhEn u sEe:~**
128. Love? hearts
129. Hate? milk (hehe.. if u guys figure this ouit then comment on it)
130. Cheerleader? chelsea
131. Fun? computer
132. Candles? WAX
133. Hot? sexii
134. Cherries? kinky
135. Handcuffs? REALLY kinky
136. Sarcasm? MEME!
137. Fat? STOP talking about me GEEZ
138. Whore? haha.. coughbethcough
140. Tight? "yo that jacket it TIGHT man" from one of the scary movies..
141. Black? my friends
142. Lick? STEPHANIE!

**~HaNgInG wItH fRiEnDs~**
143. Where do you and your friends hang out? school/mall
144. Was there a place like in middle school u hung out with friends? ^
143. Would you or have you gone back when you were older? ..
145. Was it still the way it was? ITS THA MALL U REJECTED SURVEY!
146. Do you like to be the one leading the group or following? leading, fowling... takeing TURNS!

**OfF tHe WaLl QuEsTiOnS~**
147. Do u like your mother? of couse
148. Was your childhood bad? nah.
149. Ever break any bones? MY NOSE!
150. If yes, which ones? MY NOSE!
151. Favorite Type of Pizza? Pepperoni!
152. Do u like cows? sure.. they taste good too!
153. Are U lonely? noppers
154. Ever see Mr. Rogers? when i was lttle
155. Did you like Nickelodeon b4 it got bad? well yea! REN AND STIMPY ROCKED MAN!
156. Do U wear braces? not yet but there comming soon
157. Who is your inspiration in life? EDGAR ALLEN POE.. HAH jk. i dunno
158. Do you like the name Amberlee? not really
159. Do you have a window in your room? yessum
160. Is your tv on? noppers
161. Do you think I am crazy? sure

**MoRe oDd QuEsTioNs~**
162. Where would you live if you could move? POLAND!
163. Do you wish this was over? nah
164. Do you have a screen name on Bolt? on what?
165. If yes what is it? i dont
166. Do you run around and knock into ppl for fun? sure!
167. Where did you grow up? milton!
168. Kenny or Cartman from South Park? kenny.. i feeel sorry for the poor guy though
169. Do you think Carson Daly is hott? YeS!
170. Did you buy the new Britney Spears cd? yea
171. Why would you waste your money on that? i like it!

**ThE EnDiNg 30 QuEsTiOnS~**
172. What is one thing you are addicted to? GUM!
173. Did you ever trip someone for fun? several times
174. What's the greatest memory of your life? everything before kim died
175. What comes to mind when I say New Years Eve? PAR-TAY! actully.. its television and pizza with mom
176. Name one of your ex's? ben
177. What went wrong? i was a bitch
178. Are you sad you broke up? eh.. he was really sweet and stuff//
179. What time is it?2:21 am
180. Are you tired? noppes
181. Do you have a blankey? noppers
182. Do you have a teddy bear? LOVE THEM!
183. Did you name it? *hides*
184. If yes, what it's name? Bun-EeE
185. What are you listening to right now? i miss you, blink 182
186. What number is this?186
187. Are you sure? no
188. Would you be willing to send this to me? no
189. Where is your sanity? its non-existant
190. Do you have Sanity? no
191. What is your favorite game? jump-outta-the-corner-and-scare-my-stepdad
192. Do you believe in ghosts? yes!
193. Were you ever taken over by Satan? cant say i have
194. Am I running out of questions? probley
195. Ever buy on eBay? dad does
196. Like your life? eh.. mas e menos
197. Are u as bored as me? depends on how bored u are survey maker!
198. Who do u wish u were talking to? oreo
199. Ever table dance? like i said.. i DONT dance
200. Are you going to bed? no
201. Can you believe this is over(almost)? yes
202. r u happy? i dunno
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i know.. u dont care about this stuf right? well.. dont read it then [06 Jul 2005|01:34am]

Name? Kayla Renee
Date of Birth? march 24 1992
Location? cabelll hungton hospital
Occupation? going to school


Hair? blonde.. short
Eyes? blue
Height? 5'4" or 5'3"
Figure? hehee


Clothing? confeeness...
Music? pop, rock, punk rock, alternitive, rap...
Makeup? lots-o-eyeliner
Bodyart? i dont have annnnyyyyy


Wearing? a bright orange shirt that says CONVICT and a pair or red (yes i know it clashes, but im going t bed soom anyways) pair of pajama bottoms
Listening to? Stan, eminem
Thinking of? stuff
Feeling? BORED


Bought? new bathing suit
Did? changed clothes
Ate & drank? chicken strips and curley fries from arbys
Read? mates, dates, and mad mistakes
Watched on tv? fresh prince


Has the best hair? STEPH MAJOR
Is the most boy-crazy? alex
Is the tallest? tabatha
Has the closest taste in music to yours? alex
Has the most different taste in music from you? tabatha (bluegrass-YUCK)
Has the most siblings? i dunno
Has the most pets ? steph i think
Is the most outgoing? i dunnnnnnnnnnnnno
Is the shyest? tabatha.. and thats sad, cause even SHE isint shy
Has the most twisted sense of humor? hahahaha.. i dunno
Snores really loud? hope
Loves scary movies? alex (i just asked her)
Is kinda ditzy (but we know ya love em anyway!)? MEMEME.. ok.. tabatha
Talks on the phone the most? ALEX
Most likely to talk to strangers? steph
Most likely to get a tattoo? hope
Most likely to become a doctor? thats laughable
Lives farthest away? OREO
Has the neatest room? i dunnoo
Is the most creative? i dunnnoooooooooooooooooooo but alex writes poems REALLY good..


Kill? hillary duff
Shag? NOT saying k?
Slap? josh chapman.. he called me a bitch.. only select people are allowed to call me a bitch and he isint one of them
Hear from? OREO
Get really wasted with? i dunno
Tickle? JAMES.. i dunno whhy..
Look like? anyone but me.. that wasnt to hidious
Be like? ME!
Avoid? my sister.. ugg.. i hate her
Tease? alex cause she likes.. !


Drink? lemonaide
Color? red
Album? like a virgin- madonna
Song? tie betwwen seveal things.. but everytime by brittney spears is up there..SHUT IT
Vegetable? cuecumbers
Berry? strawBerry
Musical instrument? organ


Made out? ...
Brushed your teeth?.. few hours ago when i thouhght i was going to bed
Saw God? never
Went to an adventure park? IM GOING MONDAY!
Had sex? ...
Were offered sex? ..hehehe..
Kissed someone of the opposite sex? last day of school
Kissed someone of the same sex? never
Fell in love? ..........................
Smiled?: a few minutes ago when alex said something stupid
Laughed?: see answer above
Bought: new bathing suit
Danced?: i DONT dance...
Were sarcastic?: last time someone was talking to me
Talked to an ex?: few hours agoo


Do you have a boy/girlfriend? noppers
Do you have a crush? hah// yes
How many boy/girlfriends have you had? sorry? did u want me to count ABOVE 20?
When you meet a guy/girl what do you notice first? hair, eyes, shoes
Do you believe in love at first sight? kinda
How long have you liked your crush? end of 6th frade
How long have you been dating? im NOT

I see: my computer screen
I need: sleep
I want: to download "hate it or love it" by 50 cent and the game
I wish: i could eat in my room
I love: no of ur bussiness
I hate: hillary duff
I miss: oreo
I fear: ants
I feel: my keybored
I hear: "when she says she loves me" by tonic
I smell: nothing
I crave: chocolate
I regret: lost of stuff
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[06 Jul 2005|01:00am]
what's your name? Kayla Renee
how old are you? 13
how tall are you? five foot three or 4
what's your nationality? uhh.. american?
what grade are you in? going into 8th
favorite song? DONT LAUGH ... everytime by brittney spears.. SHUT UP..
favorite band (s)? pink, alannis morsette, eminem...
favorite show? degrassi the next generation
favorite movie? phantom of the opera
favorite sport? hah.. pro wrestling
favorite place to be? in my cooputer chair talking to my friends online..

have you ever
had sex: umm..no
drank alcohol: yea
gotten drunk: i dunno
smoked: once
skipped school: told mom i was sick when i want.. yea
lied to your best friend: only one or two times!
gotten grounded: oh boy have i gotten grounded

do you
fall in love easily? nopeers
trust people too easy? hah.. no
smoke? noppers
drink? eh// no
lie? parents..
talk shit? isint that the same as lying?
party? noppers
cut yourself? is that really of ur bussiness? i didnt think so..

best friend? alex i think
craziest? steph
shyest? tabatha
loudest? all of the above ^
funniest? i dunnno
slowest? in what? to get the jokes. tabatha
coolest? there all AWESOME!

is there
someone you love? yes
someone you hate? oh yes
someone you have lied to? my parents?
someone that lied to you? im sure

are you
in love? yes
tired? nope
glad this is over? eh.. not really.. i have nothing to do now!
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[04 Jul 2005|12:01am]
[ mood | restless ]

i swear, i live in a teenage soap opera, which sometimes is amusing, some times its hard.. im not going to tell u guys what this is about cause its a fairly secreat subject..


To: mah hommies

No matter how rough things get, how many fights we get in, how ever much we grow apart, i'm always here, my arms ready to give any and each of u a hug, i love you guys, your the best friends a person could ask for!

<3 Kayla Renee

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[03 Jul 2005|10:35pm]
Ask me something. I'll answer.

Unless it's too personal or something. Or if I just don't want to.
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hehe [03 Jul 2005|04:53pm]
alex finally fixed it for me.. but now i can do it on my OWN.. yay.. like this.. i did this on my ownn.. its HAWT is it not?

anyways.. i hvae nothing new to update just wanted to tell u that i finally got it!

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MY STRIPPER NAME IS CANDI!.. it is! ask james! [02 Jul 2005|02:37am]
yea, well.. ive spend 2 whole hours trying to figure out how to put a picture thingy on my background thingy.. an di stil can figure it outt! i know i have to have a HTML.. but how do i get that..

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holy cow, i cant eat all that! [30 Jun 2005|04:47am]
[ mood | awake ]

First job: Job? Me? Work? Right…
First screen name: God knows, I cannot remember!
First funeral: That I remember! Wait...no i dont..
First pet: PUGLSPEY.. the mutt.. yet i HEARTED him anyways!.. but then he got eaten by a bobcat.. no joke....
First piercing: Ears.
First tattoo: hahaha.. see that invisible heart on my ass?
First credit card: Oh, how I wish banks were stupid enough to issue 13 year olds with credit cards.
First kiss: hahahah.. uh.. not too long ago actully..
First enemy: Humm.. id sat brittney kenedy...


Last car ride: my sister test driving her new car tuesday
Last kiss: a few hours later than my first...
Last movie watched: Phantom of the opera.. or jurassic park. i dont remember
Last beverage drank: lemonaide
Last food consumed: Chocolate.
Last phone call: eather alex or hopey
Last time showered: few hours ago..
Last CD played: The mixed CD that im still listing too
Last website visited: www.livejournal.com

Single or taken: taken
Gender: Female.
Birthday: march 24
Sign: aries
Siblings: 1 real sister, 2 step sisters from my step dad, and 2 step sisters from my stp mom
Hair color: blonde
Eye color: blue
Shoe size: 8 or 8 1/2
Height: 5′3 or 4″
Wearing: pajamas
Drinking: lemonaide
Thinking about: breaking out in song...
Listening to: familey portrait..pink..

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[21 Jun 2005|04:55am]
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.... [18 Jun 2005|07:21pm]
[ mood | BATMANNNNNN! ]

i guess that since im not going out with josh can say this now

yea anyways...

josh called and told me
"I know E V E R Y T H I N G"
i was like "Wha...?"
He was like
" i Know u want to break up with me"
and i was like
"oh..." " how do u know?"
he was like
"Zack told me"

so later on i caled zack and bitched at him for a few minutes.. then i started the whole sweet and innocent thing.. ya know.. how i NORMALLY act.. lol. yea right


me at katie, my step sister, just got back from the mall and! we had another stalker mother, but this time it was HER mom.. gosh.. like.. this wasent reallly STALKING it was more, not letting us outta her site..

but then she went into deb's to by a pair of jeans and me and katie ditched her and went to the food court, we ate, went to clairs, then met back up with sandy who was STILL in deb's and it was like.. and HOUR later..

THEN we went to go see batman...WHICH i HAVE to say was AWESOME, but if u ask katie, like my dad did when he came to pick us up at like.. 7 she would say " it was boring"

how she got that was odd.. cause it was AWEEESOOMMMEEE

i went to hot topic and bought a starwars wrist/sweat band thingy. i lOOOOOVE it...

then i was walking past logan weaver and he like.. walkes up to me, gives me a hug, and goes " hello friend"

*sigh* hes sooo hawt!

anywayyyss... i ddint see mine and alex's stalker dude drew, which is probley cause we ddint go to the tilt cause we had sandy with us cept when we went to see batman...

i have 2 dollars left.. but i only went there with 7 left over from teh trip yesterday, then 10, but that had to buy my movie ticket...and food...

but after i got the food i decided i wasnt hungry anymore and threw it away *oops*

o well

whelps, imma go now

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... [15 Jun 2005|05:23am]
[ mood | awake ]

i can honestly say i had the FUNNIEST converstaion online EVER today! with this dude names ben, who goes to inslow...

im not going to tell u what its about... because the only one who knows is steph... and well.. yea lol... it was funny though..

i have partially green/blue hair at the moment... casue i was up at 3 (am) and i had nothing to doo.. so i put blue mascara in it... then! at like..4 i got boareder.. and put green food coloring in it..
soo.. yea. its 3 different colors.. bUT it looks REALLY AWESOME.. next time i go to the mall im going to wear it this way.. that is, if i can get out of the house like this...

i have to be quiet casue mom wil be up in a half hour to go to work... so at about 6 i have to lie down.. then at 6 30 il get back upp.. ya know...

i tried to lye down a half hour ago, but i couldnt go to sleep... must have something to do with the whole summer sleep cycle..

sleep every other day

cause like.. i slep yesterday from 5 am to 12:45.. sO! tonight/today.. i dont have to sleep!

whelps, im gonna go soo.. LATER

love ya!

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[15 May 2005|03:19pm]
[ mood | amused ]

my pet!

Thats my baby!

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